Personal training

I can provide you with personal fitness training wherever is most convenient for you: at home, at work, your local park, or at my private gym at the Recreation Ground in Brightwell-cum-Sotwell. (See the map below for directions.)

I'm a firm believer in bespoke service, so contact me for a personal consultation and find out for yourself how my unique style and personality could help you.

How much does personal training cost?

My personal one-to-one training is a totally bespoke service built around you, so the price will depend on your requirements, the location and frequency of the training.

Call me to discuss what type of program would best suit you.

Sunday circuits

Join me on Sundays for some great fun outdoor circuits. 

Created for all ages and abilities, this successful circuits class encompasses up to 25 different stations using weights, kettlebells, battle ropes and lots more!

You'll find us in the the Recreation Ground, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Wallingford OX10 0SQ. See the map below for directions.

Time: Sundays 9am–10am; regardless of weather  

Price: £12.50 per session; £100 for 10 x sessions 

Requirements: Suitable attire, a bottle of water and a positive attitude.

How to book: Just turn up on the day! Feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Group circuit training/Bootcamp

Enjoy the benefits of one-to-one training, or share the cost by arranging friends or work colleagues to join you! I can create programs for couples, friends and groups of colleagues if you want to work out with familiar faces and keep your outgoings down.

I can manage groups of up to 20 participants and will usually arrange for larger groups to exercise in an outdoors, park-based location that's convenient for all. Call me now to discuss your needs.


at The Recreation Ground, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell OX10 0SQ

Contact me:

Would you like to feel fitter, healthier and learn to embrace getting older with enthusiasm and vigour? Now is the time to start!

Call me to discuss how together, we can achieve your fitness goals

"I originally started training with H to gain further knowledge and skills in general weight training. Not only am I now confident in lifting on my own, H has introduced me to a variety of other exercises that I would not normally have considered before. These exercises I am now incorporating into my daily routines to add variety and interest."


"I am approaching 66 and apart from the normal wear and tear to my joints, I have rugby and skiing injuries which can still flare up. H is very good at handling my varying problems and adapts my programme so that I always have a worthwhile session. He is making a significant improvement to my mobility and fitness."

Mike B.

“H is a great trainer, who understands and listens to your goals and needs. I’m part way through a programme and the changes in my fitness and muscle build have been dramatic. H always creates new exercises making them enjoyable whilst still challenging you at the same time. I would gladly recommend H to my friends, colleagues, and members of the Park Club anytime”.

David C.

“H – just a few words to say how much fitter I feel since I started training with you for my next ski trip. I feel so much better prepared for the steep moguls than I did last year and I am looking forward to the challenge! The sessions have progressed gradually and I’m doing things now which I never could have contemplated a month ago, I like the gradual cranking up and your encouragement has made it all feel worthwhile. I’m even starting to look forward to the next session!! “

Hugh B.

“H established my objectives from the outset – improve fitness levels in time for some hardcore skiing – and tailored training programme to that. I needed a motivational PT that could push me to my limits whilst making the training fun and varied. He scores on all these points and he’s also a nice guy. Thanks for all your encouragement and help H”.

Paul D.

“I have been working with H over 15 sessions now after a break from the gym due to an injury. He has been supportive and informative to ensure I get stronger around my injury as well as pushing when required. His passion for fitness and life come through from the first meeting as well as his down to earth and realistic approach – highly recommended”.

Helen F.

"I started training with H in a bid to lose some weight and to generally tone up.

Using a variety of exercises, H knows how to tailor each session exactly to my needs providing encouragement and motivation throughout.

As a result, my overall fitness has improved to the point where I am now stronger and leaner - friends and work colleagues have all noticed the difference!

H is a fantastic personal trainer - I have no hesitation in recommending". 

Paul O.

A few weeks ago, H offered me a PT session with the intention of showing me some of the different things he does with clients. As someone who is pretty fit and strong and does a lot of training for a wide variety of sports, I didn’t think H would challenge me, but I was pleasantly surprised. H perfectly tailored the session to be challenging as well as different, adapting his normal programme to suit my strengths and weaknesses. PT’s are often guilty of ‘hand-holding’ their clients, being nice to ensure the return of custom, but with sport, fitness and weight loss goals, that doesn’t bring results. You need to be challenged for it to make a difference, and the way H makes training fun but different and adapts it to suit your abilities, high or low, makes him an excellent personal trainer. I highly recommend a PT session with H!

Client Review

I'm not used to going to the gym and H has made me feel comfortable in this environment whilst challenging me to push myself further than I thought possible, he intuitively knows if you can get one more rep. I'm fitter and stronger both physically and mentally and would highly recommend him.

M. Hairi

“Working with H, in a personal trainer capacity, has been an excellent journey of learning how to exercise properly, whilst gaining both strength and balance, with a clear view to long-term conditioning. H tailors our sessions through my full range of abilities from day to day, from stiff to hung-over, at the Rec or in the gym! I’m delighted to recommend H. Please give him a try.”

Eliot F.

"H is a very skilled personal trainer, who listens well to his clients and knows how to respond to wildly different personal situations. We
have been having joint sessions with him for over two years, and are
delighted with the progress that he has helped us make in the gym. He is relaxed, friendly, knowledgeable, has a good sense of humour, and he regularly checks with us to make sure that we are happy with his programmes. We hope to keep working with him well into the future".


"Being new to the gym I wanted a trainer that was on my wavelength and inspired confidence. I train with a friend and our 2-to-1 sessions are challenging and most of all fun so that we hardly realise how hard we have work till the next day! I highly recommend using H as your trainer “because you are worth it.. “

Katy K.

I never really enjoyed exercise before I came to H. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing, but he made me feel incredibly at ease and confident! His encouragement and optimism about my fitness and ability really helps drive me, and I’m now completely addicted to weight training! I finally feel happy in my own body, I feel healthy and it lifts my mood drastically every time I work out at the gym in Brightwell. I can’t recommend H’s services highly enough!

Lottie G

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